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Bobby Heenan Twitter account reportedly fake despite verification, wife working to have it removed

First off, apologies for the story we briefly posted about how great WWE Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan’s new verified Twitter account is.

It was pretty great. It sounded like the man we loved (or loved to hate) for years on WWF and WCW television. It excited several industry types like Jim Ross, Kevin Owens, Joey Styles and Austin Aries. Like many fans, those guys were excited to have The Brain back talking wrestling in any way, shape or form.

Unfortunately, it was a sham.

First the whistle was blown by Heenan’s agent, Gilbert Boyas from Prime Time Appearances:

Apparently, whoever is behind both accounts has been running the Cynthia Heenan one for months and has conned others into validating their claims.

Heenan’s friend Gene Okerlund backs Boyas’ story:

Ryan Satin over at Pro Wrestling Sheet confirms the whole thing. He’s spoken to Cynthia, who says she’s “very sad” and is working to have both accounts taken down, or at least unverified, by Twitter.

Sure, in the scale of offenses online or certainly in the real world, it’s not a huge deal. But someone deciding to prey on the love fans have for an ailing entertainer just for their own benefit - which may have just been a little ego boost?

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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