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Just John Cena & The Usos having a dance-off with The Club in Japan

coco on Twitter

This really doesn’t need any set-up, especially not beyond Twitter-er extraordinaire DTAM’s set-up.

But today’s “couldn’t wait for the house show report proper” moment belongs to the six-man tag which was actually set-up at yesterday’s Tokyo event when Jimmy & Jey Uso ran in to even the odds after John Cena was trying to deal with all three members of The Club - AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson.

On Saturday’s show, all those dudes had a six-man tag. And that started, after some coaxing by the twins, with the babyfaces cutting a rug... followed by the fans helping them to convince the villains to perform what might have been the whitest dance in wrestling history:

Different angle & file format:

House shows really are the best. I mean, where else would we be able to see Machine Gun’s sweet, sweet moves?

Thanks also to coco on Twitter for our header image!

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