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Here’s Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention walkout set to Undertaker’s entrance theme

CSpan on YouTube

Without getting into the dust-up regarding Melania Trump’s words or any other issues swirling around the Republican National Convention, which kicked off last night (July 18) in Cleveland, or this year’s election in general... this is pretty funny/kind of cool.

Presumptive-but-soon-to-be-official Republican nominee for President of the United States and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump’s brief speech on Monday night didn’t start a plagiarism controversy, but the way he entered for it did remind a lot of people of another famous entrance. And it’s one that anyone who’s watched WrestleMania (where Trump once shaved Vince McMahon’s head and took a Stunner from Steve Austin) in the last twenty-five years will be familiar... The Undertaker’s.

So, this being the internet, there are now several versions floating around which make it happen. Here’s Trump hitting the stage to introduce his wife set to The Phenom’s entrance music (instead of the music actually used, Queen’s “We Are the Champions”, which has also drawn some flak from the surviving members of the band):

That is all.

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