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John Cena and his muscles want to sell you trash bags

He may not get Enzo Amore, but advertisers get John Cena.

A guy with a built-in audience from WWE, with a squeaky clean public relations record and now-proven crossover appeal, the Face That Runs the Place is getting more and more gigs as a pitchman... from selling America for the Ad Council to hawking trash bags for Hefty.

That latter endorsement deal rolled out their first commercial spots this week, and as Michael Cole would say, they’re vintage Cena. The first one relies on the same “aw shucks, aren’t my muscles sexy” joke which fueled his ESPYs skit with Leslie Jones:

While these other ones roll in comedian/friend-of-Adam-Sandler Rob Schneider to play the “wimp” representing other trash bags opposite Cena/Hefty’s “jock” character:

This one, which takes place in a magical grocery aisle, goes with a similar gag:

How did he do, Cagesiders? Anybody changing their garbage habits after seeing these?

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