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Watch Bayley hit Bobby Roode with a Bayley-to-Belly in NXT Lousiville’s main event

Full house show report from tonight’s tour-ending stint in Louisville shortly, but as is often the case at these things, there’s something that just couldn’t wait.

And, unsurprisingly, it involves Bayley.

Here she is cleaning house in the ten-person tag main event (yep) by hitting her finisher on not just Alexa Bliss, but Bobby Roode, too...

Maybe we’ll see intergender wrestling from WWE one day after all.

Here’s some better footage, and not just because it’s clearer. Finn’s happy dance has to be seen to be believed...

The finish to the main event #5on5TagTeam #NXTLouisville

A video posted by Daniel Spencer (@danielspencer) on

The fun was just starting though. Head over to the house show report to see what happened next!

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