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Everybody wants to be Sasha Banks’ mystery partner for Battleground (including Bayley)

Bayley on Twitter

Nothing excites wrestling fans quite so much as a mystery partner for a pay-per-view (PPV) tag match, and since Thursday night when it was revealed WWE Women’s champ Charlotte and her pal Dana Brooke would be facing Sasha Banks and her plus-one at Battleground, the speculation business has been booming.

The Boss herself has some pie-in-the-sky ideas for a teammate:

But settling back down to Earth (or at least the WWE Universe), Sasha is willing to go with anyone who compliments her on her Muscle & Fitness Hers cover - even former BFF teammate, television rival and house show partner Summer Rae:

Fans digging up old footage of the hopefully-soon-to-return longest reigning Divas champ Nikki Bella got her Legit thinking:

But, of course, hopes and dreams, fears and concerns, have swirled around her most famous rival from NXT. And the rumor mill has only been churned more by the Hugster herself, as you can see in our header image - which comes from a Tweet Bayley sent out before working a house show in the Cincinnati area yesterday.

If you follow The Boss and Bayles on Twitter, however, you know it’s impossible to guess where their relationship stands on any given day. Wednesday, Bayley was wearing Sasha’s merch in a Facebook Live video - for which Banks thanked her “sister”:

A day later, she’s tormenting her fellow lifelong wrestling fan with pics of all the international superstars from the Crusierweight Classic with whom she’s getting to rub elbows:

Prompting Sasha to head to the GIF vault for a reminder of a time when they definitely weren’t tagging:

Personally, I’m expecting something a bit more low-key, like Summer (no offense!).

A Bayley debut or Nikki return could overshadow Banks a bit at a time when they seem to be building to her next big moment in Brooklyn at SummerSlam. If they went with a call-up, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was Nia Jax (or if she turned and joined Char & Dana mid-match).

The other possiblity is the return of Naomi. Yes, the former Team B.A.D. was last seen feuding with Banks, but a little thing like a stable dissolving hasn’t stopped Sheamus, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio from helping each other lately.

Regardless of who joins The Boss at Battleground, there’s one thing I’m definitely pulling for. And that’s that, at least on Twitter, Sasha and Bayley...

Fight forever.

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