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Batista’s journey to being the coolest m*****f***** around continues as Tong Po in the new Kickboxer trailer

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We've known that the Bautistaissance would include a turn as the big bad in a remake of the cult classic Kickboxer for some time now.

We're getting really close to the September 2 release of Kickboxer: Vengeance now though, and the above trailer gives us a real glimpse at what Big Dave's Tong Po will be all about.

In news that will surprise no one who's ever met me, I'm all in.

Looks like we'll get a little bit more backstory for the breaker of Sloane necks, which isn't surprising. Remakes and reboots are known for fleshing out one-note characters, especially villains, and since this movie was announced, Dave Bautista has become one of the biggest names attached to it, so the producers are going to want to maximize his minutes.

But the important thing is he looks like roughly 250 pounds of lean muscle mass, ink, braided top knot and Filipino/Greek-American bad-assery who will snatch a loaded pistol out of your hand and punch you in the face with his broken glass-taped fist.

The flick also stars French-Canadian stuntman Alain Moussi as the man gunning for Vengeance, a bevy of mixed martial arts stars like Georges St-Pierre, Gina Carrano, and former UFC heavyweight champs Cain Velasquez & Fabricio Werdum and the star of the original, Jean-Claude Van Damme, assuming the role as trainer/mentor to Moussi, who plays the character he played back in 1989.

Now, if someone could tell me who let JCVD pick his own hats...

Regardless, I am hyped for this. Check out the trailer and let us know if you are, too.