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WWE wants to know subscribers’ thoughts about new features for WWE Network - including fan voting for the Hall of Fame

Last week, WWE’s market research team was floating ideas for new programming on their streaming subscription service.

In a survey PWInsider reports was sent out this morning (July 15), they’re wondering about benefits and value-adds for the Network - presumably to determine which ones will keep your $9.99 coming every month, including some which could possibly reduce that figure.

Here are some of the options they asked their mailing list to evaluate:

  • The ability to download shows for offline viewing.

  • Advance sales of things like video games, event tickets and travel packages before they’re available to non-subscribers.

  • A fan vote for potential Hall of Fame inductees.

  • Subscription bundles/incentive for longer commitments. They used six months for $49.99 and twelve for $99.99 as examples.

  • A discount for a Hulu Plus subscription and/or a bundled plan for that service, allowing Network subscribers access to the versions of Raw and SmackDown which are hosted there starting the day after they air on USA Network.

  • One free month of service for twelve months paid (kind of like giving regular customers an equivalent to the “first month free” promotion).

  • An ad-free version of the service

Would any of these make you more likely to subscribe? Or, more to the point each of these are driving at, would they incentivize you to keep your subscription active?

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