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TNA Impact Ratings (July 12, 2016): Numbers take a big drop after the Final Deletion

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Last week TNA Impact saw it’s best numbers during their Pop TV run due to the hype surrounding the Hardy brothers Final Deletion. This week, the numbers stumbled back to the norm for the company. After pulling in 410K viewers last week for the spectacle from Cameron, NC, this week’s Impact viewership fell down to 358K.

The drop in numbers was to be expected. It was not going to be likely that all the people tuning in last week were going to come back again this week. In fact, 358K is still their third best number since being on Pop TV and their second best was only 1000 more at 359K. If the numbers post Final Deletion kept them closer to 360K compared to the 320K they were hovering at prior, that would be a pretty good outcome for them.

Unfortunately, that’s likely not going to happen in the short term because they are abruptly switching nights from Tuesday to Thursday starting next week and they will be airing at 8 PM Eastern instead of 9 PM. Changes like that often result in at least a short term drop. TNA is advertising a title vs. title match in a steel cage next week to hopeful help try keep as much of the viewership as they can.

Here are the viewership totals from the last month:

  • July 5: 410K
  • June 28: 322K
  • June 21: 304K
  • June 14: 210,000 (327,000 if including encore numbers)

You can read a recap and review of last night’s episode here.

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