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Bayley & Peyton Royce’s John Cena rap battle is pretty good, then William Regal shows up and takes it to the next level

WWE NXT on Facebook

You never know what you might find poking around, looking for information about upcoming NXT tapings.

Take this little gem from the brand’s Facebook page. Seems Bayley and Peyton Royce had some time on their hands before tonight’s show, and decided to settle the debate about who could better rap along with a track from John Cena’s seminal 2005 work, You Can’t See Me, on a Live video stream.

After a rousing round of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who leads off, Peyton goes first. The Aussie handles the Summer anthem “Right Now” pretty well, although she struggles with the chorus and admits to getting winded trying to flow with the Doctor of Thuganomics (and The Trademark).

The Hugster selects a similar type groove with “Just Another Day”, and delivers the verses with a little more gusto. She starts slipping in the final stanza, but her rap - and the whole video, honestly - is saved by a guest appearance from General Manager William Regal:

Regal awards the round to Bayley, which makes sense given that she’s his top draw... and that his Grandmaster Flash cameo appeared on her entry in the contest.

Next time, both ladies should do the same song so we can all decide.

Might I suggest track 2, “Don’t F*** With Us”?

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