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EC3 tries to settle the Bray Wyatt/Matt Hardy beef with a Tale of the Tape


Things are getting pretty heated in this Twitter feud between Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy (and other folks behind the entire #Broken Matt vs. Brother Nero program on Impact Wrestling).

Rather than dive into which character inspired the other, or if this past Monday’s segment where The New Day visited the Wyatt Family compound was a rip-off of last week’s #TheFinalDeletion, former TNA World champ Ethan Carter III - and WWE Superstar, when he went by Derek Bateman - has decided to try and examine it with SCIENCE!

Or, fantasy booking and a mock “Tale of the Tape”. Same difference, right?

EC3 has history with Hardy, back before he was #Broken and going by “Big Money Matt”, the two feuded over the title. And, of course, Carter starred in his own parody of the contract signing video - the thing that really got a lot of folks interested in what Matt & Jeff were doing.

Even given all that, this seems like a fair breakdown. Unfortunately, it doesn’t settle anything, since it ends in a tie.

Still, it will do more to promote peace than this Tweet from an Impact roster mate (which, in fairness, is just unearthing a two year old Vine):

Or this one from a friend of the Hardys:

The former Hurricane says this is a Stripes reference - and it’s a good one - but that doesn’t mean it’s not also a heck of a slam.

Good thing it’s 2016, and we can probably expect Wyatt vs. Hardy to happen on a House of Hardcore show in a couple months.

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