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WWE really wants John Cena to have a good night hosting The ESPY Awards

These two Tweets hit at virtually the exact same time a few minutes ago...

From this, we can draw one of two conclusions:

  1. WWE and its Chairman really, really want the Face That Runs the Place to have a good night in Los Angeles.
  2. Their social media accounts are run by a single group of employees and Vince McMahon isn’t actually Tweeting his own Tweets.

Surely, it must be the first option. Even for a crossover star like John Cena, with numerous talk show appearances, guest-starring roles and hosting gigs under his belt, emceeing ESPN’s annual awards gala, broadcast live on ABC, is a big deal.

And it can’t be the latter, because that would mean Vince isn’t actually up on the Pokemon Go craze. Surely a noted pop culture junkie like Mr. McMahon is all over the augmented reality mobile game that’s sweeping the nation!

Either way, it’s a big night for Johnny C. Tune in at 8PM Eastern.

It’s not like wrestling fans have any other options tonight, right?

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