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Bray Wyatt fires back at Matt Hardy: ‘Without me, perhaps no one would have been Broken in the first place’

When the stars of The Final Deletion got eyes on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, they immediately commented on the segment that involved The New Day traveling to The Wyatt Family Compound for a big brawl in a muddy field. It was quite clearly inspired by the insanity Matt Hardy and his family delivered over in TNA on a recent episode of Impact, and they weren’t shy about speaking out on as much.

Read up on all that here.

Bray Wyatt saw those comments and, uh, he mad now:

Okay, maybe he’s not mad and everyone is simply working together — even if unintentionally — to ensure everyone gets eyes on what everyone else is doing. Either way, this is fantastic and I hope it never ends.


Update two:

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