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Eric Bischoff keeps fans guessing about a WWE return

The Jeff Gordon Foundation Poker Classic at Caesars Palace Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ever since WWE announced their plans for a brand split, and certainly since they began trotting out former General Managers like Teddy Long, Corporate Kane, John Laurinaitis and Vickie Guerrero for comedy bits, fans have been wondering if Vince McMahon’s WCW nemesis Eric Bischoff might return.

After the successful re-emergence of Shane McMahon, fans have been excited by the possibility that Easy E, whose own Raw debut was one of the more shocking reveals in the show’s history, might come back to pop the crowd for at least one night.

With a recent appearance of JBL’s WWE Network interview show Legends, and an upcoming DVD retrospect set for Fall release from the company, it doesn’t seem like too far-fetched an idea.

Last week, however, Bischoff was downplaying things on social media:

Now, a few days later, he’s walking that back:

Just a worker keeping fans on their toes, or is there a chance a man we last saw on Impact Wrestling could fit the stage in Detroit tonight?

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