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Edge & Lana star in new film ‘Interrogation’, and we’ve officially run out of jokes to make about WWE Studios

When angry police sergeant Kane was frustrated with hot shot cop Dolph Ziggler, who would later outsmart Rusev (as Rusev) during a terrorist takeover of a WWE house show in Countdown, we all thought WWE Studios has acheived its Sharknado-esque peak of maximum cheese.

Think again, because here comes Interrogation, the next joint venture from WWE Studios and Lionsgate, which stars Adam “Edge” Copeland as ace police negotiator Lucas Nolan with CJ “Lana” Perry as his plucky IT gal sidekick!

this mishmash of The Negotiator and Die Hard with a Vengeance (maybe with a little Se7en thown in?), Edge gets to say things like “you think there’s another bomb?” and “America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists”.

But at least his fight scenes look pretty cool. Lana is left to diagnose the hacker/terrorist who is probably just a robber’s schemes and react.

The first part is pretty easy, given the straight forward GUI the villain uses:

She’s still working on the second part:

This is a face she should make when R-Truth unveils a new remix edition, not when the police department’s servers have been trashed.

Her American accent is surprisingly good for a Russian, though.

Anyway, you’ll be able to check out this piece of cinematic history on September 20 when it head straight to DVD, Blu-Ray and on-demand.

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