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Bray Wyatt is preparing the battlefield for massacre

WWE continues to tease/build to an out-of-arena feud, or match, or something between tag champs The New Day and The Wyatt Family.

The preview for this week’s Raw on the company’s website even indicates something might happen on Bray Wyatt’s “compound” during the broadcast on USA Network tonight (July 11):

[Xavier] Woods has confirmed that he’ll accompany his boys to the creepy clan’s home turf, but whether The New Day will withstand encounter with the First Family of Fear remains to be seen.

Tweets like this one from the Eater of Worlds himself are fueling fires of speculation:

Whether Bray is referencing the recent horror flick about Parisian catacombs or the Emerald Tablet of occult lore or something else entirely, that’s a great picture and a creepy warning for X, Big E & Kofi Kingston.

There’s been some debate as to whether WWE should be booking a match/altercation at a remote location so soon after Matt & Jeff Hardy got the wrestling world buzzing with their #TheFInalDeletion on the July 5 Impact Wrestling.

But it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve sent cameras to Bray’s abode.

His intoduction to the main roster back in 2013 (along with those of original family members Erick Rowan and Luke Harper) included a “reporter” meeting Wyatt there for an interview:

A “Compound match” could work - and feel significantly different from what TNA did if they avoid being deliberately campy about things.

Does it make sense to have it happen with so little advance fanfare, though?

Or do you think we’ll only get more set-up for a showdown which will end up being part of the Battleground broadcast?

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