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UFC champ Daniel Cormier has a plan for how to book Brock Lesnar in WWE, and it doesn’t include Randy Orton

We’ve heard from Randy Orton, the man scheduled to wrestle Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, on how a shoot victory in UFC could effect the booking of Lesnar in WWE.

With that win in the books, a decorated mixed martial artist - and pro wrestling fan - Light Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is weighing in on how Vince McMahon should use his prize attraction.

And it involves a lot more WWE title, and a lot less Orton:

He told Fight Network and Live Audio Wrestling (LAW)’s John Pollock:

I think I’d make him more unbeatable. In WWE they call him the “conqueror”, the “beast incarnate”, you know, he can’t be beat. I’d make him more unstoppable now, because he just did something that I’m not sure anyone else over there can do. He came in and beat a top ten heavyweight, so you just make him more unstoppable. I say to hell with Randy Orton, and throw the belt on him again, because it legitimizes it because of what he did tonight [UFC 200].

Thoughts on Cormier’s booking?

Do you think Vince McMahon is having second thoughts about announcing Orton/Lesnar for Brooklyn next month?

Maybe he should make DC vs. The Viper instead?

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