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UFC 200 results: Brock Lesnar ground and pounds Mark Hunt for a huge win in his return to the Octagon

It was his first fight in four-and-a-half years. He was facing one of the ten best heavyweight mixed martial artists in the world, a fan favorite with legendary knockout power, in Mark Hunt.

Brock Lesnar returned to the Octagon for UFC 200 because he felt better after a few years off to put his diverticulitis in the rear view, saying he was just looking to have fun and get his hand raised (and earn a couple mil).

Paul Heyman's guy was two for two.

Representing Canada and entering to "Enter Sandman" (we were lied to, scripted fight fans), Lesnar looked ready.

Both men circled and looked for an opening early. Lesnar landed the first strike, a leg kick, and tried to time some punches before charging for a takedown. He got that (despite Hunt grabbing the cage) but couldn't do much. A few seconds later he took him down again and immediately got side position. Ground and pound did some damage, especially when Hunt scrambled and Lesnar took his back. A third takedown ended a big round for the former WWE champ.

His coaches warned him the Super Samoan would try "something big" in the second round. That was an overhand right, but Brock blocked it. They circled before Lesnar shot again, but Hunt sprawled as Brock looked a little slower than he had in round one. Dodging a bomb, he tried for another takedown and still didn't have the success he had in round one. After more circling, another charge left both men up against the cage to end an uneventful round two.

In a final round a lot of fans didn't expect to see, they touched gloves to start. Hunt came forward aggressively, but Brock survived and finally got his first takedown since the first round. Pushing his opponent up against the cage, they actually traded shots until Lesnar eventually started working for position. That lead to full mount with over two minutes left.

The Beast Incarnate landed right hand after right hand while referee Dan Miragliotta looked on closely. Brock worked hard for a finish, but Hunt was tough enough to survive and continue firing off occasional shots of his own from the bottom.

The official decision was a unamimous 29 - 27 win for Brock Lesnar.

Now it's on to SummerSlam (which play-by-play announcer Mike Goldberg plugged, and UFC ran a commercial for before the fight), and a showdown with fellow Ohio Valley Wrestling product Randy Orton.

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