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A mini-Shield reunion in Tokyo ends when Dean Ambrose leaves Seth Rollins hanging

We’ll have a full report from night one of WWE’s Japanese tour in a bit, but couldn’t wait to share a few clips of the main event, which saw Dean Ambrose defending his WWE title against Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens in a Triple Threat.

It seems the one thing which can overcome even brotherhood-destroying betrayal is the desire to kick KO’s ass:

Something tells me that’s not the first time Rollins has had to play it off when a high-five request wasn’t reciprocated. Here’s a longer version, so you can see exactly how Seth’s latest attempt at a reunion moment worked out for him:

At least he fared better than Roman, who - humiliating forced apology or no - is sitting this reunion out.

He’ll be back for Battleground though, and we have this to tide us over until then.

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