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Adrienne ‘Athena’ Reese's WWE Name is Ember Moon

Quite Vexxing on tumblr

During the dark match before last night (June 8)'s TakeOver: The End..., Adrienne Reese defeated Peyton Royce.

Before signing with WWE, Reese was known on the independents as Athena. Fans have been awaiting her arrival to our screens since she officially headed to the Performance Center last Fall. Despite working at several tapings and being prominently featured on Florida and road house shows, that hasn't happened yet.

The win over Royce from Wednesday was key, however, because more than being just another dark match on her résumé, Reese was introduced by her new WWE name.

After some initial confusion on social media (a lot of places were reporting her name as "Amber" Moon), Reese cleared things up by re-Tweeting her offical moniker and commenting on its origins:

She also responded to critics, and confirmed the oft-stated company policy that performers have the final say on their ring name:

Hopefully, this is the last step toward getting her on television, hopefully as soon as tonight's taping at Full Sail Live.

What do you think of the name? And, does it matter as long as she's top-rope stunning ladies like this...

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