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Lucha Underground Recap (June 8, 2016): Stand and Deliver

It's time for our weekly check into the Temple of Boyle Heights to see what madness is going on in that sacred ground. Ultima Lucha II isn't far away so it's time for that picture to start taking form.

Black Lotus confronts Dario Cueto in his office, questioning whether he is lying about who killed her parents. He assures that it was the last El Dragon Azteca. Then he adds on to it. Now at Ultima Lucha, Black Lotus will get to face the current Dragon Azteca for revenger. If she wins, she gets to take his mask.

It looks like last week's run in with El Dragon Azteca put some doubt into Black Lotus' mind about who's really to blame about the death of her parents and what role her current employer may have played. Of course, Dario double downs on his story and most importantly, we have our first Ultima Lucha match! And Black Lotus will be in the ring, which isn't something we've seen before.

When it comes to Lotus and the current Dragon Azteca, it sure looks like Dario is playing chess and these two are just his pieces.


Marty the Moth and Killshot are set for a match. The match starts but the men immediately fight to the outside. The ref tries to get them inside, but they never listen and it ends in count out. Afterwards, Killshot is able to get his dog tags back briefly, but Marty hits a German Suplex, grabs the tags, and escapes with them.

Has there ever been a double count out in the Temple? I have missed some episodes early on, so it's possible. But a double count out feels like sacrilege in the Temple.

Will Ultima Lucha sneaking up on us, this feels like a match that will get resolved at the event and it will likely be focused on those dog tags. Clearly, those tags have a serious meaning to Killshot. Meanwhile, the Creepy Bastard, who was at full creep with Melissa prior to the match, is likely just taking them to be the bastard that he is.


Mr. Cisco is in a holding room at the precinct. Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro are there to interrogate him with their boss. They ask Cisco to wear a wire and go back into the Temple to get info on Daro Cueto. He asks what they are looking to get El Jefe on. The Chief tells him drugs, murder, but most importantly, she thinks Dario is the "lynch pin to the end of days." She asks if he wants to help and he ponders the question as the scene ends.

Cisco has a tough choice on his hand. Does he betray his code and wear a wire or does he get locked for a long while? Sure he's a criminal, but you have to feel bad for the guy. One of his friends, a man he trusted, ended up being the fuzz. Part of me thinks a cell for life may be safer than trying to wear a wire in the Temple.


Drago & Aerostar defeat Jack Evans & PJ Black in a NUNCHUCKS MATCH!

This match could only work in the Temple. There were four pairs of nunchucks in different random spots in the Temple. Because of course there are nunchucks hanging from the ceiling here. It's the only place in the world that makes any sense. "Nunchucks from the ceiling? Sure, why not?"

In the most impressive move of the match/night, Aerostar, solidifying himself as a true flying man from space, took a jump from the top of Dario's office onto Jack Evans & PJ Black. Those spots from up there never get old. Then, Drago UNLOADED with the Nunchucks on Jack Evans before beating him. I mean, ouch.

But most importantly, Jack Evans and PJ Black continue to be an awesome team. At one point, Evans was hanging from the roof of Dario's office and PJ went to make sure he didn't fall like a true buddy. They also did a little air guitar solo together and Bill & Ted style, the guitar sound played!


The scheduled main event was Prince Puma, Texano, Sexy Star, Son of Havoc, Rey Mysterio Jr, & Mack vs. Fenix, Ivelisse, King Cuerno, Taya, Johnny Mundo, & Chavo Guerrero. The winning team will fight in each other next week and the winner of that match will face Matanza for the title at Ultima Lucha II.

However, as Chavo walks out, Pentagon Jr wheels himself out behind him... and stands up from the wheelchair! He thanks Chavo for supporting him when no one else did, but now he's got to take him out. He attacks Chavo and breaks his arm! Dario Cueto and Black Lotus come out of Dario's office and Dario tells Pentagon he can take Chavo's place in the match.

Johnny Mundo pins Prince Puma to get his team the win.

Pentagon is back, baby! And he's ruthless as ever. He thanked Chavo for all he did for him and then broke the man's arm to take his spot. If he considered Chavo a friend, imagine what he's going to do to his enemy, mainly Matanza and anyone standing in the way of him.

Next week, if he wants a shot at the Monster, he's going to have to go through Fenix, Ivelisse, Cuerno, Taya, & Johnny Mundo. But those five may be at the disadvantage because Pentagon is focused and I would hate to be the arm of the person trying to get in his way.

The other thing of note that may have some Ultima Lucha II implications was how the match ended. Rey Mysterio hit a 619 and then instructed Prince Puma to go to the top rope to his his 630 on Johnny Mundo. But Johnny shoved Mysterio into Puma and then hit a Spanish Fly on Puma for the win.

Puma and Mysterio already aren't on the best of terms. Remember last week, Mysterio shut him down when he tried to talk to Rey and Dragon Azteca prior to their Trios title match. Then Puma let his temper get the best of him during that match delivered a blatant low blow to Johnny, which got the team disqualified. Maybe they can work it out, but I have a feeling it's going to be worked out in the middle of the ring.


In King Cuerno's den, Catrina resurrects Mil Muertes from the glass casing!

Uh oh. Cuerno better watch his back because Mil is not going to be happy that he was in a big trophy display case. Has the hunter become the hunted?


After last week's show with two huge fights, including a great Lucha Underground title match, this show couldn't match that feeling. But it still set up a lot of things for Ultima Lucha and Pentagon's back!

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