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NXT TakeOver: The End... results - Samoa Joe ends The Demon Finn Bálor

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For the first time in NXT history, a steel cage was lowered around the ring.

In that structure, Finn Bálor was trying to reclaim the championship he lost to Samoa Joe in Lowell, Massachusetts. The stipulation inspired the event's very name, as this was to be The End... of a feud which has spread over the past nine months.

The Irishman appeared in his full Demon paint - an aspect of his gimmick/character in which he's undefeated in his WWE career.

Both men tried for escapes from the cage early, and at various points throughout the bout. The cage was used a weapon throughout. Both men survived finishing moves, with Bálor kicking out of the Muscle Buster which cost him his title in Lowell.

An escape factored into the finish, when Joe caught Finn on his way out and delivered a version of his finisher from the second rope to pin Bálor cleanly again.

The Demon is no longer undefeated. And Finn Watch is gonna get serious as soon as NXT gets back from Ireland and the United Kingdom next week.

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