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NXT TakeOver: The End... results - WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering debuts a monster tag team

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If you follow our house show reports, you know that a couple of big boys have been making a name for themselves on the tag scene. Sunny Dhinsa & Gzim Selmani go by the "Authors of Pain" in Florida, and while they weren't called that tonight when they crashed TakeOver: The End... of the Beginning, they did author some pain on American Alpha.

Mauling the former tag champs wasn't the only surprise in Dhinsa & Selmani's arsenal, however. As they surveyed their destruction, a familiar face strolled out onto the stage at Full Sail Live. He's aged, but it's hard to not recognize the Hall of Fame manager of another monster tag team known as the Road Warriors.

That's right, Paul Ellering is leading a new pair of brutes into NXT.

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan look to be their first targets, but they likely won't be their last.

Say hello to the Authors of Pain.

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