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NXT TakeOver: The End... results - The Revival reclaim the tag titles in a BALLER match

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Uh, that was awesome.

Not sure what else to tell you except that if you like wrestling, but especially if you like tag team wrestling, sign-up for WWE Network and watch The Revival become the first team to hold tag gold twice in NXT history (Neville was a tag champ twice, but with two different partners) when they countered Grand Amplitude into a Shatter Machine and defeated American Alpha.

A blow-by-blow of the match would be, kind of impossible, and still wouldn't really give you a sense of how great a bout it was. They completely outdid their already strong showing from Dallas, and threw in more false finishes, tandem maneuvers, counters, dirty tricks, grappling and brawling than you can imagine.

Check it:

Looks like this may be the end of their feud, too. Because after The Revival celebrated their way up the ramp, Chad Gable & Jason Jordan were...

Well, that's another story.

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