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Big name free agents seen in Orlando ahead of NXT TakeOver: The End... (potential spoilers)

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There are a couple reports floating around concerning possible surprise appearances for NXT TakeOver: The End... tonight.

Neither name would be a total shock, as both have been on WWE's radar for a while now. And it's entirely possible they're in town for meetings or something else altogether, or they'll just be shown in the crowd for a smile and wave like Kota Ibushi was in Dallas.

But, especially in one case, it's just as likely he could debut or possibly even be booked for a run-in, so this is your last warning.

Bow out now if you don't want to get spoiled.


PW Torch spotted Bobby Roode, who was also in the TakeOver: Dallas audience, strolling into Full Sail this afternoon. The former TNA World champ was just mentioned by Triple H on yesterday's conference call as someone with whom WWE is negotiating with and excited to work, so his arrival on the brand has been seen as only a matter of time since his deal with Impact Wrestling expired.

Eric Young, who left TNA at the same time Roode did, has already appeared on NXT on a one-off contract. Whether "The It Factor" will do the same, or start the WWE run his fans have been hoping for for some time, is even more unclear than whether he'll be on TakeOver at all.

Slightly more off the wall is the suggestion that Ring of Honor's Moose could get involved tonight. PWInsider reports the former NFL offensive lineman (real name Quinn Ojinnaka) has been seen in Orlando.

Moose (whose Ring of Honor (ROH) contract is believed to be up soon, but not yet expired) got the conversation started with a couple of Tweets earlier today:

Given his contract status, seems much more likely that Ojinnaka is there to start the negotiations process rather than debut... but this is 2016, after all.

Do you think we'll see one or both of these dudes tonight? Are you excited to see Roode or Moose in WWE?

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