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Former NXT champions (plus one) make their picks in the Samoa Joe vs. Finn Bálor steel cage match at TakeOver: The End...

While there seems to a little less enthusiasm than normal for tonight's NXT live special, TakeOver: The End..., you'd be hard-pressed to find a wrestling fan who isn't at least intrigued by the main event.

Partially that's because it's the blow-off of a long feud between current NXT champ Samoa Joe and the man he beat for the belt, Finn Bálor.

Partially because it's the first steel cage match in the history of NXT.

Combine those two things, and a rivalry that got too bloody for WWE officials in Dallas might as well just start filming in black-and-white.

That interest isn't limited to fans, either. As the above playlist shows, several past NXT luminaries - three men who've held the strap Joe and Finn are fighting over, and one who won the original "O-M-G you have to see to watch this show" match at ArRIVAL - weigh in on the match itself and make their predictions about who will leave Full Sail with the belt.

We'll tell you that their votes are split 2/2, but you'll have to watch to see who Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Big E and Cesaro picked.

We've already made our predictions. Who are you picking, Cagesiders?

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