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Adam Rose discusses his WWE suspensions, release and plans for the future

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet got the first interview Adam - now Aldo - Rose (real name Ray Leppan) has given since his WWE release a couple weeks ago.

Parting ways with the only American wrestling company he's ever worked for was the end of a tumultuous period which saw Rose suspended for a Wellness Policy violation, refute that with a doctor's note, be charged in a domestic violence incident and then suspended for that as well.

Rose addressed all those topics in his conversation with Satin.

His release from WWE was agreed upon by both parties, according to Rose, as a result of the events around the suspensions and issues with his character's transition to the main roster:

It was a mutual thing. Honestly, I had just hit too many problems back to back. My mistakes or not, guilty or not? It was starting to look really bad. It was just the best choice for everyone involved and the WWE and I knew that.

Adam Rose never quite took off in the WWE! Is it the company’s fault, or my fault? Probably a bit of both. The character Adam Rose that debuted on NXT was not the same character that the WWE Universe got. Honestly, I am happy to leave. It was time. I wanted to be home more. My boys and my wife needed me. My poor wife had been carrying the load the whole time while I was off living my dream. It was not right or fair to her or my boys.

Regarding the Wellness suspension, Rose maintains WWE was aware of his Aderall prescription for ADHD, and says he never heard from the company after posting his doctor's note. He also still seems to have issues with how his case was handled, even as he's pro-Wellness Policy overall:

I never heard one single word from anyone. But I knew what I was doing when I released that doctors note, I knew the the likely outcome and implications and accepted them! I think the Wellness Policy is a great thing and absolutely needed. Just take a look at the mortality rate of pro wrestlers of the past, I totally get it. WWE has done an amazing job of making sure that doesn’t ever happen again. But I think in some cases, my case included, they jumped the gun for whatever reason.

Seeing as though it’s already public knowledge … I think I can safely say yes, WWE knew, and knew for almost a year.

On his arrest, Rose doesn't offer any specifics, but characterizes that as another situation where authorities acted differently than he feels they should have:

As for my arrest, well that was a complete nightmare! It’s all being cleared up now, but the damage to our lives is permanent. My wife was like ‘what the hell is going on’ when it happened. I don’t exactly even know why it happened … even now. I think law enforcement, who I have the utmost respect for, may have acted too quickly.

They never knew the full story and made some assumptions that will now scar my family’s history forever. My wife is my world and my rock. I don’t deserve her in anyway. As a man, I am willing to say and admit she is the toughest and strongest person I know. I am proud of her! Proud to be her husband! Proud to have her raise my boys.

Hopefully, for the family's sake, things are stablizing. Professionally, Aldo Rose is looking forward to being his own boss:

As of right now, I plan to work as much as I can. I never got a chance coming from South Africa to work the indies, so this is all very exciting for me. I love the fact that I now control Aldo Rose. I can control who he is, what he is and where he goes.

Let’s just say this, the PG is finally out of the party! We do it my way now! Adam Rose is dead, the Rosebuds are dead … but what’s next is going to be much better and much, much more … me.

It’s gonna be worth the ride!!

Check out the whole interview over at Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Looking forward to taking the Aldo Rose ride wherever it stops next, Cagesiders?

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