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Damien Sandow is farming now, apparently


Now that the artist formerly known as The Intellectual Savior of the Masses is gone from WWE, he has time to do whatever it is he wants to do in life. That includes, according to his interview with Sports Illustrated, waking up every day to feed animals.

That's right, folks, Damien Sandow is out in Indiana farming it up:

“I get up in the morning and feed the chickens. We have a duck that just showed up one day and bosses all of the other animals around, too. It’s kind of like Noah’s Ark. ... It’s a very interesting contrast to life on the road.”

As he's noted in other interviews recently, he's not done with wrestling and, in fact, will embark on what he calls a "Thank You" tour of the independent scene. That includes a date with Global Force Wrestling, among others.

"By no means am I going to burn my boots," as he put it.

Probably because they're covered in manure (not really, but maybe). Enjoy picturing Sandow farming.

You're welcome.

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