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Rudo Radio Episode 49: Previewing NXT Takeover: The End

Where we discuss RAW's babysteps toward a brand split as well as preview NXT Takeover: The End

Welcome to the latest episode of Rudo Radio, featuring your new-ish co-host, Nick Bond, as well as me, Marc Normandin, the person writing this post letting you know the newest episode is out.

We're back on Wednesday as promised, and ready to both review Monday Night RAW and preview NXT Takeover: The End, which will air on the WWE Network on Wednesday night at 8 pm eastern.

I have good news and less good news to share, too. The crackling that dominated my audio in last week's episode is no longer dominating the audio. It is present, though, in a more crinkly, less-loud form, and we're still working on figuring out just what the problem is. We tested and tested again (and replaced a cable and changed USB ports and...) before recording and still couldn't eliminate it entirely. If one of you is a secret audio genius, please let us know what we're missing. In the meantime, we'll try to figure it out so you can enjoy us sans-crinkle.

As for what we discussed...

2:00 - The Brock is Back
8:00 - Monday Night Raw: The perfect kind of stupid
8:30 - "I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot!"
9:45 - Man, Teddy Long sure happened
11:00 - Truth and Falsity in the McMahonian sense
12:30 - Cesaro v. Jericho
13:30 - Rusev v. Swagger
13:40 - That one clothesline
15:30 - Titus
16:30 - How to avoid getting eaten by John Cena without really trying
18:30 - Could AJ Win?
20:30 - AJ-Cena: Orton v. Cena, but good.
22:30 - Cass goes full Godzilla
26:30 - Nick is a Real Big New Day Mark
30:00 - Speaking of taking ten minutes to do one thing: ADR- Sami Zayn
34:30 - Becky with the bad hair
36:00 - Let Flair be Flair
37:15 - The Shaving of Fandango
42:00 - Make Bob Backlund Great Again
42:45 - The Club v. The New Day (feat. John Cena ... eventually)
45:30 - Rollins needs a hug
48:00 - Ambrose 2016
49:00 - NXT Takeover: The End (of the Beginning Again?)
50:00 - Cien Almas v. Tye Dillinger
52:30 - American Alpha v. The Revival
55:30 - Asuka v. Nia Jax
1:00:00 - Nak v. Austin Aries
1:03:00 - Samoa Joe v. Finn Balor
1:08:30 - Brooklyn was better
1:12:00 - We love Cage
1:13:00 - The Rise of Pentagon, Jr.
1:14:00 - Dick Kick Party
1:17:00 - Hot Take Alert: Son of Havoc is pretty good
1:20:00 - What We Watched, What We're Gonna Watch

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