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TNA Impact will be live next week, announce the next Hall of Fame inductee

It was announced tonight (June 7, 2016) on Impact that next week's Impact will be an extended live episode with their fall out from Slammiversary, which is this Sunday. They also announced that during that episode they will be announcing their next TNA Hall of Fame inductee.

The live show was announced when the tapings were originally announced. Usually when TNA says their show is live, it's more of a "semi-live" show, meaning they tape it an hour or two prior, so spoilers are out there if you look hard enough. However, these shows are still more exciting because those spoilers have not been circulating for months, making it very easy to steer clear from them.

As for the next hall of famer, right now it's anybody's guess. They already have Sting, Kurt Angle, Team 3D (The Dudley Boyz), referee Earl Hebner, & Jeff Jarrett in their Hall of Fame. The man who fits the bill the best is AJ Styles, who is currently feuding with John Cena in WWE. Samoa Joe in NXT champion. TNA originals Eric Young has most recently been seen in NXT and Bobby Roode has been rumored to be headed there as well. (Triple H said today he hopes to work something out with both men.) They can turn to someone like Jerry Lynn, who was an early X Division athlete. They can give it to original James Storm as a reward for returning to TNA instead of sticking around in NXT.

We have a week to speculate away on who the inductee will be prior to their live episode. Feel free to do that below.

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