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Triple H invites German goalkeeper to WWE Performance Center

WWE is touting a move to broaden their talent base both internationally and from areas other than indy & amateur wrestling by formally inviting a former goalkeeper for the German national football team for an "extended training period" at their Orlando Performance Center.

Tim Wiese is 34 years old, and has been lobbying for a shot at WWE stardom for a little while now. He served as a guest timekeeper at a house show in Frankfurt a year-and-a-half ago, where he got involved in the action to the delight of the German fans.

The 6' 4" goalie says he's been working toward sports entertainment ever since.

Triple H is quoted in the announcement as saying:

Tim is tenacious. He continues to be very vocal in his desire to prove that he has what it takes, and he has shown tremendous resilience and determination to create an opportunity for himself. This is his break to walk his talk. If all goes well in Florida, he will get his chance in the ring.

Wiese says his goal is to be ring-ready by the time WWE returns to Germany this upcoming November:

I have been training hard for this, and I am excited for the opportunity. No matter what it takes, my goal is to be in that WWE ring this November. I want that match!

You've gotta admire the drive, but do you like his odds, Cagesiders?

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