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Teddy Long returns on Raw, fails to book a tag match

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The impending brand split is bringing all sorts of folks to WWE television.

Shane McMahon's return seemed to kick off the storyline, and on tonight's Raw, it looked like Teddy Long was back. The long-time SmackDown General Manager interrupted a brawl which had broken out between the six men booked for the Money in the Bank ladder match - so everyone everywhere figured he was going to deliver his famous line (not the one about Undertaker), we'd have a laugh and move on.

Instead, Long fumbled a line about SmackDown, then delivered a list of match types, none of which were "tag match, playa". When Stephanie McMahon appeared for a moment, she made fun of his incoherence, shot down a request to get his old job back (and shut down his calling her "baby girl") and ended by telling him to "get to steppin".

It was... uncomfortable...

And after all that, Steph booked three singles matches - so we got awkward jokes about old people not making sense and some racist stuff that I think was supposed to double as female empowerment stuff instead of a tag match.

Welcome back, Teddy!

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