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Sasha Banks confirms referee caused concussion at recent WWE show

There were some conflicting reports going around on Sasha Banks and the nature of the injury she suffered that kept her out of action for a couple weeks recently. It was initially reported that she had some sort of injury to her head, and it likely occurred at a WWE house show on May 15. Later, it was said to be a significant injury but that seemed to be proven false when she was cleared just days later, and made her return to the ring just days after that.

Now, video has surfaced of her recent Q&A session at Wizard World in Philadelphia and she's confirming exactly what happened (HT: Pro Wrestling Sheet):

"I've been sitting in the back. Two weeks ago, I suffered a concussion from a referee. I got kneed in the head by a referee, which you never think that would happen. I was like 'whoa, what just happened.' So I had a little concussion and was out two weeks but I'm back!"

That settles that. Now we can all get back to chanting for her presence on WWE television.


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