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Jason Jordan on WWE brand split: More NXT guys will get opportunities

With WWE announcing another brand split once SmackDown goes live on Tuesday nights starting July 19, there have been questions surrounding NXT and its role as a developmental promotion. With the main roster essentially splitting in half, one would think that equals more opportunity for some of the stars in waiting who haven't gotten a shot under the brightest lights just yet.

Current NXT Tag Team Champion Jason Jordan thinks so, as he told Channel Guide Mag:

"There is going to be a need for more and more talent... I think NXT can definitely carry the burden of producing top tier talent. I think because how hot a brand NXT is, we've proven that we can take that workload and show everyone that we have some of the greatest superstars in the world. I think the brand split will be good for everyone as a whole. I think more NXT guys will get opportunities on Raw and SmackDown."

American Alpha has been the subject of call up rumors recently and the need for more talent on Raw and SmackDown should lead to more of the same. The better question may be how NXT handles losing some of its best acts in the name of the health of the main roster.

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