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You Can't Get More American Than This

This gem is from Johnny Mundo's instagram:

This was taken during this weekend's Lucha World Cup. Cage, Johnny Mundo, and Chavo are all representing Lucha Underground. (Cage must have put his intense hatred of both Johnny and Chavo asides to fight for their temple and the country it resides in.) Meanwhile EC3 is part of team TNA, alongside Eli Drake and Tyrus. (You can find the teams here.)

It looks like America is in good hands. You've got the powerhouse Cage, the crafty Chavo, the athletic Johnny, and the Ass Kicking Machine Ethan Carter. And if that's not enough, leading that charge is everyone's homeboy Dario Cueto with a look that says that this is not a crew to F with.

If that doesn't get your patriotic juices pumping, I don't know what will.

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