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WWE allegedly made Roman Reigns apologize to fellow talent before leaving to serve suspension


The only thing crazier than a Roman Reigns title run is a Roman Reigns suspension, apparently.

In a story that pretty much has everything an internet wrestling fan could imagine, we’re now starting to get reports and rumors about how WWE dealt with the Big Dog once they learned he’d violated the Wellness Policy (what constituted the violation is still unclear).

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) says Reigns was told he had to go the locker room in Phoenix to personally apologize to the other performers before heading home to serve his 30 days.

Talent had a mixed reaction. Some felt it was a good move to have the man who, for whatever reason, “screwed up” while holding the top prize in the business express his regrets to co-workers who could be effected by his absence. Others said there was no need to humiliate him further when he already stands to lose $100,000 in pay (although he will still receive his cut of merchandise sales and other royalties) while being tried in the court of public opinion.

Adding to the drama is the Observer’s account of who directed Roman to say he was sorry. The order allegedly came from Mark Carrano, Senior Director of Talent Relations. Carrano reports to Paul “Triple H” Levesque, the Executive Vice-President of Talent, Live Events & Creative... implying the order came from Hunter and not his father-in-law, and Reigns super-fan, Vince McMahon.

So now, in addition to how the story has and will continue to be spun by Reigns’ supporters and detractors (including a persistent belief by some the whole thing is a work), we now have a Vince/Trips power struggle angle on the whole thing.

Pro wrestling everybody!

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