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Lucha Underground Recap (June 29, 2016): The Table is Set

Lucha Underground was back tonight (June 29, 2016) with it’s final show before the three part Ultima Lucha Dos. So it’s time to set the table so we can feast.

King Cuerno defeats Mil Muertes

There are two possibilities here.

These guys have settled their issues after this match and will go on their way with respect for the other.


This resolved nothing. Mil Muertes dished out some early punishment, but thing devolved when the referee got caught up in an Arrow from the Depths of Hell. This brought a chair into the play. While a headshot left Mil unphased, he ended up taking a spill into the chair in the corner and got rolled up while King Cuerno held the ropes. The cheap victory surrounded by shenanigans is bound to infuriate the Man of a Thousand Deaths even further.

I’m pretty confident that it’s the former and that these guys feel good about where they are with each other after this match. I can’t imagine these two are still mad at each other.


In Dario's office, El Jefe is speaking with both Ivelisse and Taya. He talks up both women's accomplishments, but there could only be one "baddest bitch" and at Ultima Lucha, they're going to fight to see who that is. Catrina walks in as those two are leaving. She tells Dario that Mil Muertes wants a rematch with Cuerno... in a Death Match. Cueto tells her that he hates her, but he's into the idea. Catrina's got her match.

Welp, looks like I way off on that one. Mil Muertes and King Cuerno AREN’T done with each other. So now they’re having a Death Match at Ultima Lucha Dos. Mil Muertes had a Death Match against Fenix last season where tossed him through the roof of Dario Cueto’s office and then beat him. Now the biggest hunter of them all is going to be hunting the biggest beast on its home turf. Good luck with that, bud.

Maybe an even more exciting revelation from this office segment is Taya vs. Ivelisse! These two are awesome and their match up together is going to absolutely rule. It could be one of the matches in the next 3 weeks I’m looking forward to most. Those two are going to beat the living hell out of each other.


Prince Puma defeats El Dragon Azteca Jr.

After the match, when Rey is checking on Azteca, Puma tells Rey that that’s what he’s going to do to him at Ultima Lucha. He then gives Rey a patronizing slap on the back.

What a fun match this was. It wasn’t a surprise that we were going to get a ton of high flying action, reversals, and near falls given the men involved. And it was a great time.

Puma’s added attitude is great. It gives him that edge that makes him more than just the pure, somewhat bland babyface. He’s got a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Clearly this season of Lucha Underground was not as kind to the Prince as the first. The LU Title completely avoided him and his reign as Trios champion was unceremoniously cut short. Beating the legend Rey Mysterio Jr is the thing that can salvage his season in his mind.

This match is going to be fire. FIRE!


Cage, Texano, The Mack, & Son of Havac are in the ring with Dario Cueto. El Jefe tells the men they will be entered in the "Unique Opportunity Tournament" and only the victor will receive the spoils. At Dario’s request, the men start fighting each other. The brief brawl ends with Cage standing tall.

Dario Cueto is the king of vague right here. The "Unique Opportunity Tournament?" That could be anything. These guys could kill each other at Ultima Lucha and then find out that the opportunity is to wash Dario’s Lamborghini.


Fenix vs. Johnny Mundo (with Taya)

After the match, Mundo’s Trios partners, PJ Black and Jack Evans, come out and they all kick Fenix while he’s down. This brings out Drago & Aerostar and eventually Ivelisse to even the score.

This was another fun match, where Mundo using his usual tricks (Taya) to win it. Fenix looked to have Johnny beat by hitting a Spanish Fly from the ropes. However, Taya distracted the ref and gave Johnny time to recuperate and grab his Trios title that Taya had slid in earlier. That title found the head of Fenix and Johnny got the win.

Oh and Johnny was rocking a leather jacket tonight instead of his usual furs. I felt that was worth specifically reporting.


While this was a fun show, I’m just ready for Ultima Lucha. Bring it on! We’ve got three weeks of the best the Temple has to offer and I’m just ready to get at it. Next week, folks. It all starts next week. Get pumped!

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