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Cageside Noise: Mickie James recalls WWE fan who threatened to bomb Stamford following 2010 release

So here's a thing that really happened.

Back in 2010, 22-year-old Zavr Peygumbari of Brooklyn, N.Y., was arrested after calling WWE headquarters more than 20 times and threatening to blow up the organization's offices -- right after he promised to run through the place with a machete and machine gun.


Because WWE released former women's champion Mickie James, who recalled the "crazy" situation on Cageside Noise.

Dreamer: "When you got released, national news, a man wanted to blow up World Wrestling Entertainment."

James: "He got arrested! Not a lot of people know that but he did get arrested, he spent some time in jail. He called over and over again and threatened everybody's lives. It's kind of terrifying, in a sense."

Dreamer: "I gave him your phone number."

James: "I wondered who that was who was calling me."

Peygumbari was reportedly known to New York City police as being "emotionally disturbed."

James has since moved on to pursue a career in country music (sample it here), as well as acting, but periodically returns to professional wrestling to keep her mat skills sharp (perhaps here).

Check out her Cageside Evaluation here.

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