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TNA Impact Preview (June 28, 2016): Three Way Dance

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TNA Impact is back tonight (June 23, 2016) with a triple threat title match between champion Bobby Lashley, EC3, & Drew Galloway as it’s main event. Here are our five questions going into the show:

1) Who will be involved the next big title program?

Lashley only won his title from Drew Galloway three weeks ago, so I’d be really surprised to see him lose it back already. Especially since there’s a real feud to be built and story to be told between Lashley and either of these men. So will the next be feud for Lashley be against EC3 or Drew Galloway?

It’s entirely possible that Ethan Carter vs. Drew Galloway is the next big program for those men, freeing up Lashley to feud with someone else in the meanwhile. However, with the Hardys apparently still feuding, at least in Matt Hardy’s mind, and Bram having issues with Decay, there aren’t many others at the top for Lashley to feud with. Maybe James Storm, who has been a bit lost without Bobby Roode, could be a good first real feud for Lashley if Drew and Ethan have business with each other first.

This will be our poll question for the week so feel free to vote below and if you choose "other" feel free to expand in the comment (however no taping spoilers please.)

2) Will Gail Kim have the edge tonight in her title match?

The new Knockouts champion Sienna will be defending her title against the newest Hall of Fame inductee Gail Kim. Sienna couldn’t have run into Gail at a worse time given the fact Gail must be riding high with the recently announced honor.

Sienna may be facing one of the best, but she likely won’t have to do it alone. She’s still part of Maria Kanellis’ group and the First Lady has a large interest in keeping the the gold in her stable. The only worry would be if Maria’s too pre-occupied with her issues with President Dixie Carter to fully focus on aiding Sienna in her bout tonight.

3) Who is the guest on the Fact of Life tonight?

Eli Drake will be back with his show but we don’t know yet who his guest will be. It’s possible it won’t be someone he’s going to feud with and he’ll set the table for another feud, such as Mike Bennett and Eddie Edwards. Or it could be the start of his own feud. I don’t have a clear guess who that will since most of the roster is already tied up in something. Maybe this will be the early feud for Braxton Sutter.

4) How will Mike Bennett fit into the X Division?

Last week, The Miracle persuaded his buddy Billy Corgan to give him an X Division title match against Eddie Edwards. He ended up cheating to win the title by holding the ropes (and Maria holding his hands on the ropes). That’s not the title he’s much concerned with but the impending Destination X and Option C, it’s his ticket to his coveted TNA title. Option C is the option for any X Division athlete to hand over their X Division title in order to get a world title shot. Bennett will have to hold onto his title until Destination X to be able to pull this off.

With Eddie Edwards owning a title rematch that he’ll certainly invoke prior to the special and guys like the Helms’ Dynasty and DJ Z, he may have his hands full keeping the belt as long as needs to.

5) Are the BroMans still creepers?

To promote PopTV’s involvement in a new Big Brother, they used backstage skits with former Big Brother participant Jessie Godderz. Apparently Godderz has access to all the cameras in the Impact Zone on his iPad and the first week, he and Robbie E watched their manager Raquel get changed. Way to be pervs, guys.

Last week, Robbie E used it and he saw Jessie Godderz talking to Raquel about something Jessie couldn’t tell Robbie about. (Jessie felt guilty not telling his partner.) Maybe it’s a surprise party. Or maybe Robbie should just mind his own business and stop spying on the hidden cameras.

TNA Impact airs tonight at 9 EST on PopTV. Who’s watching?

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