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Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to ‘end it’ at Battleground


With the brand split looming and the possibility of their not being on the same show when July 25 rolls around, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens may not have much longer to “fight forever”.

So when they came face-to-face on Chris Jericho’s “Highlight Reel” during the June 27 Raw, the two former friends decided to make sure they have one more pay-per-view (PPV) battle. Zayn proposed a match at Battleground, Owens accepted... and we’re on, one more time.

There wasn’t much added to the build. Jericho ran down their recent history and alluded to the crazy spots they hit each other with during the Money in the Bank ladder match. Each man discussed their version of how the friendship fell apart. And they found some common ground in kicking Y2J’s head off when he made the segment all about him at the end.

However their match in Washington, D.C. next month ends, it looks likely WWE will split the pair up when Raw and SmackDown get their distinct rosters. And it’s probably not a bad thing (even though it will deny us the reluctant partners tag team we all desperately need from them for a while), letting them spread their wings and grow on the main without relying on their signature feud.

It would be nice if WWE could actually wrap up a story without a deus ex machina like the brand split, but this is probably the best we can hope for.

And, of course, one more great match in a partnership full of them.

This is only the second match officially announced for Battleground, following the WWE title Triple Threat between the three Shield members which still seems to be in place despite Roman Reigns’ suspension.

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