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WWE continues their announce team makeover with hiring of Charly Arnolt

Charly Arnolt on YouTube

After releasing or otherwise parting ways with a number of their interviewer and announce staff earlier this year, and with the same or greater needs with the brand split coming plus an increased emphasis on social media content, WWE has been restocking the ranks of non-wrestling talent over the last couple of months.

Numerous outlets recently brought news of another addition, Indianapolis sports reporter Charly Arnolt. Most recently with her hometown’s Fox59, Arnolt has also worked in radio, television and YouTube prior to making the full-time move to sports entertainment.

She posted the following message on her Facebook page last week:

Hey everyone!

As some of you may already know (although the vast majority of you don’t), I am beginning a thrilling new chapter in my life!

As of a couple days ago, I am now living in Orlando because I have accepted a hosting job with the WWE! This is a huge step in my career and I am beyond excited to get started this coming Monday.

I hope all of you will continue to keep up with me as I enter the world of sports entertainment—and I’ll still have plenty to say once the NFL season starts! As for BackTalk Ball, it’s on hiatus for now because I’m going to be incredibly busy—BUT I’ll be doing lots of personality-driven stuff for the WWE, so I’ll keep the sarcasm coming!

Thank you to all of you for your continued support and those who have been following my journey which now has spanned from West Virginia to Kansas City to Indianapolis and now Orlando! I appreciate you!

No word yet on what Arnolt will be doing, although NXT work seems a likely first step, both based on her moving to Orlando and that also being the path for other recent signees like Cathy Kelley, Andrea D’Marco and Mike Rome.

Thoughts on WWE’s makeover in this department? Do all the additions mean Raw and SmackDown-specific interviewers?

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