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WWE drops Bálor Club trademark

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According to PWInsider, WWE has abandoned their registration of a trademark claim for the phrase “Bálor Club”.

The timing is interesting, as NXT Superstar Finn Bálor finally seems destined to move up to the main roster. After months of teases/dreams from the Irishman regarding a reunion with his old Bullet Club mates Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows and sales of “Bulletproof Bálor Club” merchandise, it now seems just as likely the former NXT champ could debut as simply a selection in the brand split roster draft scheduled for July 19 - despite all the alleged plans and fantasy booking which inserted Finn into a stable or feud with Anderson, Gallows & AJ Styles.

Of course, he could still be part of what WWE is now just calling “The Club” with that trio, but the dropping of the trademark combined with reports Vince McMahon & team are pleased with how things are going with Styles and the existing stable & story, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if they went an entirely different direction.

The claim was in dispute from Baylor University, but the Texas school stated their opposition back in January and still hadn’t filed additional paperwork as of last week. WWE submitted their “Express Abandonment” (the same procedure used to drop their Legion of Doom trademark a few weeks back) on June 22, so signs point to it being something the company no longer had plans for as opposed to something they didn’t think they could win.

Merchandise bearing the name and logos is still on sale in WWE Shop, but recent designs for Bálor have focused on his “Demon” persona rather than the club.

So, that may be no more, but we still have Finn Watch.

How do you see Finn being debuted on the main roster now, Cagesiders?

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