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Paul Heyman hopes he’s not being considered for General Manager or writer of Raw or SmackDown

Paul Heyman

As Brock Lesnar’s advocate, fans and followers of combat sports (entertainment) have a bunch of questions for Paul Heyman these days. Not that wrestling people don’t always want to hear from the visionary behind ECW, but with his man headed to the Octagon while still under a WWE contract... and Heyman making it clear he is very much a Brock confidant in and out of kayfabe... everybody wants to hear what the “one behind the one” is thinking these days.

To facilitate that, WWE held a conference call with Heyman recently. He was asked about a wide range of topics, but as it is with most WWE chatter these days, the brand split was front and center.

Given his history as a writer and authority figure on the SmackDown, he was asked about assuming the General Manager role or even rejoining the Creative team.

Doesn’t sound like he’s interested in either role, to say the least:

Oh I certainly hope not. General Manager is a role I had a blast with, but I would prefer to stay in the role that I have had for the past four years, which is to serve as the advocate for Brock Lesnar.

I don't think I'm in the consideration to be even close to the writing staff in today's WWE corporate environment. Nor have I requested to be on the writing staff in today's WWE environment. I have a primo gig: I serve as the advocate for Brock Lesnar and I happen to be able to do that on television as well, and I think WWE is best served with me in that role. The job of a writer in WWE is a very demanding job, I don't think it's for a father of two children who are just getting into their teenage years. It is a young man's job: 24/7, 365 commitment for as long as you can continue to match the work ethic of the chairman and that's a daunting task to begin with.

Regarding that gig he works into every answer (that’s what Brock pays him for, natch), Heyman has a very clear vision for what his client will be doing in WWE after his fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200:

The reality in me tells me to tell you I'd like to see Brock Lesnar in the hunt for the WWE World Heavyweight championship and whoever holds that title coming out of Battleground on July 24th I would suggest that's who is in Brock Lesnar's scope when he returns to WWE.

Are you interested in Brock Lesnar’s return to the title scene - especially since his MMA return might mean his star is diminished by a loss or his time is even more limited by win?

Are you bummed that Heyman’s role in pro wrestling seems limited to advocating for the Mayor of Suplex City?

Let us know, and thanks to What Culture for the quotes (which you can find more of on their site here).

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