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Scott Hall still hoping to get hired by WWE to work in NXT

Over a year ago, Scott Hall came out and said he was hoping WWE would hire him to work in NXT someday. He’s had his issues since then, as noted here, but he’s done well to keep himself relatively clean and on good terms with his former employers.

Now, in a recent interview with, Hall is again talking about that being his motivation:

“My goal is to work at NXT and work with the young talent. I've always enjoyed working with the young guys and I think that's where I'll be most gifted and be of the most value. But I figure the best thing for me to do is just to continue to keep my shit together and go places and let people see me with my shit together. When my head is clear, my phone rings and opportunities are presented to me all the time. So I'm just keeping my shit together and letting people know it. I'll wait and see what comes from there. I'm not going to flat out ask for a job at this point. I'm kind of hoping it gets offered to me down the road. But I figure the best thing I can do is put myself in a good situation by keeping it together."

Hall has a great mind for the business and while he’s struggled with various issues throughout his career, that doesn’t mean he has no value to those who are coming up in the industry. If he can help make a new star, or help a potential new star make it, why not allow him to?

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