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WWE is definitely bringing back Clash of Champions, and Cody Rhodes is pumped

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Still no official announcement, but the name of September 25’s pay-per-view (PPV) event in Indianapolis has changed on the ticket section of, so while we await a press release about this and the rest of WWE’s rumored expanded schedule, it looks pretty clear that “Night of Champions” is now Clash of Champions:

While it’s not the exact same name as the old Jim Crockett Promotions/World Championship Wrestling show his father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, created, booked and main evented many times throughout its almost ten year history (that was always called Clash of the Champions), fans wanted to check in with Cody to see what he thought about bringing it back.

The former Stardust recently left the company under what appear to have been less than 100% friendly terms, so folks might have expected Rhodes to be upset. Not so, he revealed in a couple of Tweets.

In fact, he hopes this is the beginning of WWE doing more to embrace Dusty’s legacy:

Thought it’s strange how much excitement a name can generate for what will still be a WWE PPV, there’s no denying the prospect of more WCW and Monday Night War-era show labels has people talking.

Are you pumped for Clash of Champions? What do you want to return next?

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