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WWE’s history of the ‘Too Sweet’ article includes Triple H saying it sounds weak to call it that

Now that AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows are in WWE throwing up the “Too Sweet” hand gesture, WWE decided it was time to write up an article on the company website explaining its history. That includes interviews with the aforementioned stars with additional quotes from Finn Balor, Kevin Nash, and Triple H.

It was Triple H who gave the best comment in the article when he started railing against calling it the “Too Sweet:”

“The ‘Too Sweet’ sounds very weak. Kevin said that now and then, but it’s not the Too Sweet hand signal. It sounds weak to me. Can we come up with something tougher to call it than the Too Sweet? We sound like a bunch of goofs.”

It’s noted that The Kliq, who are widely credited with making it popular, call it the “Turkish Wolf.” I guess that sounds less goofy and a lot tougher.

Too Sweet me, Trips.

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