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Brand-split PPV schedule reportedly confirmed by WWE partners

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Just yesterday, we shared an image posted to reddit which proclaimed to be WWE’s post-brand split pay-per-view (PPV) schedule.

While unverified, it was great discussion fodder, because it fleshed out a previous rumor the company would add roughly eight Sunday shows to their calendar so there were Raw and SmackDown-specific events most months of the year (excluding ones where a “major” PPV ocurred which would be shared between the brands, like Royal Rumble or WrestleMania).

Just that WWE hasn’t denied anything publicly or through one of their media partners is interesting. There have also been a couple indications from other sources that the schedule might be the real deal, too.

First, PWInsider says Sky Italia (WWE’s Italian broadcast partner) “confirmed” the line-up, which adds brand-specific shows in September, October and December, for the remainder of 2016.

Then, while it doesn’t speak to the number of shows, TicketMaster is listing the September 25 PPV which was originally announced as “Night of Champions” as Clash of Champions, as it’s shown on the leaked schedule.

If, as these isolated reports seem to indicate, the redditor’s post was accurate, here’s WWE’s PPV line-up:

Battleground - July 24, Washington, D.C. (both brands)

SummerSlam - August 21, Brooklyn (both brands)

Backlash - September 11, Richmond, Virginia (SmackDown)

Clash of the Champions - September 25, Indianapolis (Raw)

No Mercy - October 9, Sacramento (SmackDown)

Hell In a Cell - October 30, Boston (Raw)

Survivor Series - November 20, Toronto (both brands)

TLC - December 4, Dallas (SmackDown)

Roadblock - December 18, Pittsburgh (Raw)

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