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A Kurt Angle WWE return may not be happening after all

Just days ago, Kurt Angle told Mark Madden during an interview that he will be returning to WWE, he just doesn’t know when. The Olympic hero claimed he had talked to Triple H and the two had a good conversation, though he wasn’t sure if he would be coming in for the brand split.

Now, it appears he won’t be coming in at all.

Indeed, the Wrestling Observer reports that WWE officials have confirmed he won’t be coming back. It’s hard to believe he’ll never return, considering he’s an obvious candidate for a Hall of Fame induction, but he’s still actively wrestling on the independent scene at the age of 47 and with a ton of wear and tear on his body.

It would seem WWE doesn’t want to have him wrestling, even at a time when the company needs as many talented stars as it can find.

Sorry if you got excited, Cagesiders.

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