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Matt Hardy’s body really hurts, but don’t worry, the Seven Deities will rebuild him

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Last night on Impact, Broken Matt Hardy battled his dastardly Brother Nero in the confines of a steel cage. It ended in typical Hardy fashion as you can see below.

Much like two weeks ago, Matt then took to Facebook for another five plus minute video. This time, he’s in his own bed groaning due to the pain of what Jeff Hardy put him through. His body is so broken, he has to use a cane to beckon his wife Reby to get him stuff. We also get to watch him eat for a couple of minutes.

(Unfortunately, the video cannot be embedded into the post so you’ll have to follow his link from the tweet. If you liked last video, it’s worth it.)

Unlike the first video, there are words spoken at the end. We learn that it’s still “not ovah” and that while Matt’s broken, the Seven Deities will refurbish his body. (Though honestly, the Deities were already on his side last night and he still got destroyed.) While this video is technically safe for work, Matt Hardy does A LOT of moaning in his bed, so if you’re at work, you may want to turn the volume down.

It looks like we have more Broken Matt vs. Brother Nero in our future. And we can all thank the Deities for that.

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