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More detailed account of what allegedly led to Paige’s incident in Las Vegas

While nothing official has been reported yet, and WWE is believed to be looking into the incident further, it seems unlikely that much else will come from the incident that occurred following Sunday, June 19’s Money in the Bank show in Las Vegas - photos from which circulated on social media showing Paige being escorted to an ambulance in handcuffs.

The Total Divas star worked Raw the following night and there’s been no comment from her employer for three days. Further, the incident was discussed on the latest MLW Radio show, with Konnan providing details he said he received from his friend Alberto Del Rio, Paige’s boyfriend and fellow WWE Superstar, who was present on Sunday night.

According to Konnan, Del Rio & Paige went to see the variety show Absinthe at Ceasar’s Palace. While there, a drunk couple began heckling the wrestlers. This led to a confrontation where Paige was “accosted”; that prompted the police being called.

Once the police arrived, everyone involved was handcuffed while they took statements and figured out what happened. Paige was taken to the ambulance to confirm she hadn’t been hurt during the argument. After paramedics confirmed she was okay, she and Del Rio were allowed to leave without being charged.

Konnan confirmed an earlier report from PWInsider that there was nothing to reports saying an argument between Paige and Del Rio occurred. He also said neither was intoxicated.

We’ll see what if anything WWE’s investigation turns up, but if this version of events is accurate, the company will probably be fine moving on and focusing on other talent issues that have come on their radar in the last week.

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